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Zayed National Museum

Zayed National Museum consists of seven great foyers, presenting the Panorama which comprehensively covers the culture of United Arab Emirates, and life story of his Highness Sheikh Zayed the creator of the U.A.E nation. Hence, his highness made it a source of pride and inspiration for the upcoming generations.

The museum was designed by the architect designer and Pritzker prize winner Norman Forster. Moreover, the Museum is stimulated from the Falcon Wings.

The Museum expands on 66 Thousand Square meters delimited by a vast space of natural Green gardens and spectacular views. Thus, the museum will be inaugurated on December 2016.

The cultural district at Saadiyat Island has been registered as the most essential cultural, touristic site among regional and international countries. The island represents an exceptional precedent including many replicas of world museums.

Abu Dhabi Louver will be instated within this year 2015 while Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum will be inaugurated in 2017. In addition, the District will be established in 2017 to be the most preferred shopping destination, located in the cultural district at Saadiyat Island near by the world museums.

The Museum Galleries

Each Gallery is enthused by one of the noble values cherished by his highness Sheikh Zayed during his life, his solemn belief in education, conservation the heritage and culture. All values were underpinned by his highness humanitarianism and deep faith.

Therefore, the first gallery exhibits the life and era of his highness Sheikh Zayed. The second gallery exhibits the falconry hunting and preservation of human resources. The third gallery shows land and water environment in which it symbolizes the earth tender.  The fourth gallery outlooks the heritage is the essence of the future. The fifth gallery based on civilization and cities. The sixth gallery presents science. The seventh and last gallery is regarding Islam and humanity.

The time gallery

   This garden incarnates a time machine to allow the visitors to travel through time to view the imperative moments of his highness Sheikh Zayed’s life, as well as, experiencing the transformations has happened through United Arab Emirates during his leadership. Visitors can timely explore Sheikh Zayed interest in agriculture and land. The Garden has various local horticulture representing different environments of the Gulf shore, desert, mountain and oasis. Additionally, the time Garden extends along 400 meters between the Museum building and the beach area. There will be a canal to penetrate the story of “Aflaj” in the garden.


Museum Architecture and the Falcon wings

Under the sponsorship of his Excellency Sheikh Khalifa Ben Zayed Al Nahyan, President of United Arab Emirates, his Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Ben Rashid Al Maktoom, Vice President and her Majesty Queen of United Kingdom Elizabeth the second, officially revealed the architect design of Zayed National Museum, date 25th November 2010.

The distinctive towers of the Zayed National Museum has been instigates by the feathers of a falcon which is one of the valued symbols of United Arab Emirates cultural heritage. Material and construction methods are combined to create a new spectacular island skyline.

Each steel feather wing is inspired from the falcon feathering reaching to 125 meters height. The building will be surrounded by water from four directions to capture the image of Island set within garden landscapes to create a tourism destination for all guests.

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