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Yousra To Emirates Tourism Magazine: U.A.E GETS ME BACK TO LIFE

Yousra cannot omit any visit to Sheikh Zayed Mosque. In addition, she states that “Abu Dhabi film festival” has become one of the mainly significant festivals events across the world.

Yousra declares that United Arab Emirate has extraordinary spot in her heart. Moreover, Dubai provides me with enormous optimistic energy.

Travel and tourism has a special place in our beloved artiste Yousra’s life, not just concerning her business nature situation and her artistic commitments that requires her to travel nearly all of time to different countries whether the purpose of traveling is to attend festivals or filming. However, it extends to the fact of her obsession to travel and getting pleasure from tourism trips around the world.

Thus, United Arab Emirates has a prominent place in Yousra’s tourism agenda. Starting from Dubai and Abu Dhabi lengthen up with Sharjah and Fujairah. This had various reasons to visit due to film necessities or attending a festival, shopping and relaxing.

In a dialog for “Emirates Tourism Magazine” Yousra verbalizes her relation that attaches Yousra with U.A.E. Therefore, fetch the memories during her tours inside U.A.E. besides, to inform the viewer’s her essential places she keen to visit in U.A.E constantly.




First – what is the mainly imperative visit for you in the United Arab Emirates?

  • I visit United Arab Emirates since protracted years ago, perhaps since eighties century in regards to our obligations as an actors within that period of time due to film several technical dramas artwork in drama studies available at Ajman city. Since then my love tale started with U.A.E and U.A.E people who love Egypt and Egyptians. Afterwards I frequently begin visiting Abu Dhabi the capital of tourism, Dubai the capital of shopping and Sharjah the capital of culture. Each trip made me discover a brighter side of U.A.E. hence, considering the revitalization and development rising under the enormous leader of UAE his highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan may god have mercy on his soul.

Which are the most places closest to your heart in U.A.E and keen to replicate visiting?

  • Each corner and area inside UAE has exceptional place in my heart. Every place has its own fragrance and privacy that distinct it from the rest. Generally U.A.E gets me back to life. Therefore, I cannot deny the reality that I have fallen in love with Abu Dhabi since my first visit to it. In addition, I believe that Abu Dhabi is one of the most vital sightseeing capitals in the Middle East and worldwide. Accordingly, “Abu Dhabi Film Festival” has become one of the best festivals I dedicate to attend each time I am able to without being in contrary with my filming schedules. Extending to Dubai it is the capital of shopping and I devote constantly to visit it within normal days away from any practical dedications. I locate Dubai similar to European capitals in its glory and brilliance. Hence, I previously filmed few episodes from the series “Khas Jedan” at Dubai Mall and several other locations. Dubai Provides me with enormous optimistic energy obtained from Jumeriah Beach, the streets and being surrounded with people’s love obvious in their behavior keeps me feeling warm.

In Yousra’s Opinion which is the most distinguishes tourism areas inside U.A.E?

  • In my opinion what makes tourism in Emirates remarkable is the combination between contemporary innovation and the aspects of development everywhere contained by universal high standards. Feeling at the same time the heritage prints in the modern places makes your fascination filled with kindness of this exquisite country.As a conclusion what would you like to declare to U.A.E people?
  • I admire U.A.E people and I share their love to the Egyptians twice over. U.A.E and their leadership have embraced all Arabs, and has played immense roll supporting Egypt particularly throughout the past four years, not just Egypt as well as Arab countries under the circumstances occurrence. This is what we were looking forward from our marvelous U.A.E, as Egypt is considering U.A.E as one country sharing passion, friendliness and interest of the Arab Nation. Finally I am proud as any Egyptian citizen of the greatest country our beloved U.A.E .

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