Sunday , December 17 2017

Yas Beach..The relaxation under the mangrove’s shades

Abu Dhabi has plenty of picturesque beaches, which presents the optimum tourist services for all visitors, which made of Abu Dhabi a significant destination for ancestor’s tourism within the region.

Yas Beach enjoys very fashionable patrons during all the seasons, and immobile holds many hidden secrets of magnificence of the island. Moreover, Yas beach extends within 400 meters on the coast of “Yas Island”, it is characterized by the existence of water sports activities and diversity of small boats rides holding the name of “Alekiaaki ” between the mangrove trees , in addition to launching a race for such sport , as well as various types of beach sports provided.

 Yas Beach is the newest features offered by the island for guests to be able to enjoy the atmosphere of relaxation within the oasis, strong shades of mangrove trees, the sun light, blue sea and the soft sand. The beach was opened in the month of January 2013. The main idea was based on a mangrove tree that can live in the extreme high temperatures and the contribution to the high degree of salinity of the sea water. Thus, the shadow of mangrove tree provides an ultimate environment of wildlife and it contributes to the roots in the conservation of the marine life.

Activates and sports

The beach opening hours is at 10:00am up to 07:00pm. Additionally, it is surrounded by vicinity of hotels amid the island, the entry prices varies during weekends. Hence, the entry fee per person is AED 100, while children between 8 and 16 years old are charged AED 50, with free admission for children under the age of 8 years old. There is a monthly subscription due to the amount of AED 350.  All the population of nearby island areas by 15 km maximum receives a discount on monthly access fee of AED 250 per person. As well as, discounts on food and beverages. While guests of Yas Island hotels are eligible free beach entry.

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