Monday , February 19 2018

UAE tourism destination for world stars: Singer Rowaida el-Mahrouqi

Abu Dhabi: Emirates Tourism

“The UAE is one of the most attractive Arab and Gulf countries for tourism,” said Emirati singer Rowaida Al Mahrouqi in an interview.

Given the country many hotels, resorts, antiquities and tourist sites, the Emirates is an attractive tourist destination for tourism  and travelling lovers in the Gulf and Arab region as well as many countries in the world.

“The country pays much attention for the tourism sector.”

The famous singer and actress sees the UAE has become acynosure for the cinema industry, by providing most of the Arab stars and world celebrities with best locations for shooting their works.

With the noticeable great progress at the economic, political and tourist levels, al-Mahrouqi spokeon the importance of Emirates as a tourist country with describing the most prominent tourist sites she has visited.

What made Emirates distinguished dome for tourism?

UAE has paid much attention to develop its infrastructure, a basic pillar for activating and developing tourism. Heavily endeavors were exerted in promoting the tourism facilities to meet the Arab and foreign visitors’ aspirations, and to enhance the services levels in the hotels sector.

Additionally, the country was keen to sustain comfortable transportations along with holding festivals and carnivals which paly an essential role in attracting tourists from around the globe.

“Now the UAE has become an admirable and favorable tourist country for all.”

What are your favorite tourist sites?

As long as I live in Abu Dhabi, I paid quick visits to the most comfortable places for my heart like Emirates Palace Hotel, which is considered one of the UAE distinctive attractions in the hotel world. The 400 room-hotel with marble and pure gold internal design stands as one of the most luxurious in the world, she said.

The Emirati singer also adores walking on the soft sands of CornicheAbu Dhabi, which is used for curing many diseases.

You spend the weekend vacations mostly with your son Nour, what are your special places?

Nour prefers some places, and I enjoy others, but we have common favorite attractions. Together we find Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Hili Fun City the biggest indoor entertainment city in the world, as spectacular fun places. YasWaterworld, biggest water games city, is a perfect area for spending a whole day of fun, happiness and laugh with my son.

For your guests to spend memorable moments, what are your plans?

I will try my best to show my guests the most prominent tourist attractions, and the most important entertainment areas in the country, based on his holidays. General speaking, I will make sure to accompany him/her to Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Corniche Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace, BurjKhalifa, Borg al-Arab, Ferrari World and Atlantis Hotel.)

In your opinion, what are the local attractive festivals for Tourism?

Dubai Shopping Festival, which is annually held in Dubai for one month, is an important festival that attracts large number of celebrities who buy the brand commodities with very cheap prices. The festival visitors always seek entertainment places, tourist resorts, and famous hotels, heritage villages.The festival is an important season for Emirati tourism.

I host some ofcollogues and guide them to some tourist attractions, so they can buy their needs, and spend happy times.

What about other festivals?

Also I enjoy “Abu Dhabi Summer Festival” very much as it combines fun and entertainment. Visiting it for several years, I noticed that number of the Arab and Foreign visitors is on rise.  The remarkable thing, that I met with some families for several times, which prove they are prominent visitors for the event.

I would like to thank all the people worked on bringing the festival in best image, especially that it come in the summer, which is very hot in the Emirates.

The hard work on the Summer Festival helped all people to spend fun time in a relatively cold environment.

The festival provides many air-conditioned activities that convince may families to come. Such kind of festivals asserted that Abu Dhabi had managed to turn its hot season to refreshing and lovely time.

For this year, if you have the opportunity to travel, will you choose Arab or European country to visit?

With smiling face, she said “I will choose Emirates, especially amid current security conditions in many countries. The UAE has been a destination for global tourism, because the country considered developing the tourism field as a top priority, and has pumped big investments in that sector.

I deeply encourage the internal tourism, as my country is featured with beauty of nature, unique museums andheritage areas.Today the Emirates is enjoying all the tourism factors with each emirate has tremendous outstanding features.

The Emirates isn’t the only available choice for tourism, but it has everything anyvisitor needs with breathtaking nature, sea, land, archeologicalareas, tourist sites and luxurious hotels.

What islands you mostly prefer to spend pleasant moments?

The UAE is gifted with its charming nature and islands. Yas is a unique island that attracts large-scale number of Emirati tourism. Anyone who visits Yas today will see big numbers of Arab and foreign tourists who come to enjoy the breathtaking nature and the high quality services available in all seasons.