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Turkish Ambassador Can Dizdar to unveil the business & trade relations between Turkey and United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, March 19, 2017: As ties between Turkey and United Arab Emirates grew increasingly, Turkish Ambassador Can Dizdar discussed and elaborated on the strength of trade, investment and tourism.

According to Dizdar, Turkey had its Joint Economic Committee meeting with UAE first time after six years. The meeting took place in Ankara in the presence of UAE Minister of Economy, His Excellency Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori and Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Mehmet Şimşek.

Dizdar said, “We will be participating in Dubai Business Forum with our business delegations at the beginning of May. We are expecting a further boost in our business relations and a twofold increase in trade volume. “

He added, “We had political consultations first the time in our history and I was able to host our Chief of the General Stuff in UAE. We managed to have fruitful contacts and our joint ventures and corporations are growing rapidly in the defense area. Recently, Turkish Chief of staff have visited UAE for this purpose. “

The Ambassador further explained that the interactions between Turkey and UAE are very high and economic relations are increasing. The trade volume between Turkey and UAE reached over $9 billion with an increase of 36% in a short period of time. The commodity relations between the two countries are also good but Turkey is expecting an increase in investment.

Although Turkish tourism sector was reeling from devastating losses in the past two years, reservations are currently increasing and most of the hotels are fully booked. “The number of the UAE citizen tourists visiting Turkey have reached 50,000 and this makes us happy

but my concern is to bring more visitors and make Turkey an ideal destination for Emirati people, “he added.

He confirmed that Turkish Airlines plays a big role in the increase in the number of tourists between the UAE and Turkey, where the number of its flights from Abu Dhabi to Istanbul increased to 11 flights a week.

He explained that the company currently operates 14 weekly flights to Dubai from its operational hub in the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. As the number of weekly flights between Dubai and raised the Sabiha Gokcen International Airport to 10 flights a week,

He stressed the importance of the role that Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways to play in increasing the rates of tourism and trade exchange between the two countries

Turkey offers an impressive number of sightseeing opportunities, cultural and culinary diversity, and incentives for strategic investments. Dizdar mentioned, when it comes to trade, investment and industry, Turkey has been providing a good exchange rate opportunities for investors and joint ventures.

High-level UAE authorities emphasize the importance of improving their relations with Turkey in all fields. Turkey’s foreign and constructive policies that aim at establishing stability in the Middle East have increased the visibility and prestige of Turkey among UAE leadership and public.

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