Thursday , October 17 2019

Slip into the Skin of an Athlete at The Olympic Museum

Abu Dhabi, 07 September 2019: Experience an athletic-spirit in the most visited museum in Lausanne, The Olympic Museum. Discover the revamped exhibition that pays tribute to all those that participated in the Olympics and explore a range of interactive activities, ultra-modern facilities, and audiovisual media.

Reflecting the fundaments of Olympism, the museum was founded in 1993 with a fascinating architectural concept located on the banks of Lake Geneva. Flaunting 3,000 exhibition space, 150 audiovisual devices, collections of 1500 valuable objects including the Olympic torches, the medals of all the Olympic games, and equipment of the renowned athletes. Through the interactive exhibits and facilities in the museum, delve into the history of the games, culture, and the values of Olympism from ancient times up until today.

What’s more, bask in with different programs offered by the museum entailing events, conference and fun-filled game adventures. Be mesmerized in the grounds decorated with captivating artworks and pay a visit to the scenic restaurant with unparalleled views of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

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