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Malaysia…. The icon of tourism in “Halal”

Malaysia has deemed the importance of tourism and has reached an important number in its national income. Therefore, for the ability of having a closer gaze throughout tourism in Malaysia the Sendibad will take the readers into a wonderful trip in comprehensive dialog with Mr. Moahmmed Tayeb Ibrahim the Regional Director of Malaysian tourism in Iran and Gulf Region

Thus, the passage of the dialog begins below,

For the beginning, we would like to know the office plans to promote Malaysian tourism in the UAE? How do you evaluate the tourist activity between the two countries?

– TM Dubai is keen to cultivate UAE people with what Malaysia is offering for them especially in year 2015 year of festivals.

Number of roadshows and workshops with trade partners are being conducted during

the year in all UAE emirates.

Aggressive Marketing campaigns also are being conducted with airlines partners who have direct & indirect flights to Malaysia. In addition, we are continuously participating in number of events & exhibitions such as pride shows, diving events, boat shows, and golfing events. Also TM is participating in Arabian Travel Mart (ATM).

The ministry of tourism delegation present in this event to encourage both sides (UAE & Malaysia

TAs) to enhance their business cooperation and prepare much more packages for travelers to Malaysia and vice versa.

– Malaysia & UAE has a strong historical relationship; tourists from UAE are loyal to Malaysia

as a unique destination. They are repeating their visits to Malaysia as they realized it is an evolving destination and always offering new experiences.

Adding to this, its’ Islamic community , Halal food , variety of luxury accommodation , shopping venues, theme parks, adventure & nature all that had engaged travelers from UAE to spend their vacations in Malaysia.

– Meanwhile, a lot of Malaysians are traveling to UAE and keen to discover much more about its emirates. In ATM, a huge demand has been shown by travel agencies in Malaysia to consider UAE as one of their top selling destinations for travelers from Malaysia.

What is the number of Emirati tourists to Malaysia in 2014, the

Gulf and Arab tourists and the

total number of tourists to yourcountry last year?- Emiratis tourists: 20,000- Gulf tourists: 197,700- Arab tourists: 222,000- Total number of tourists: 27.5 M. Malaysia has achieved great success in making Islamic

Tourism (Halal) one of its most important tourist potential and a very important attraction within its diversified tourist products …

Could you explain to us how did you manage that?

It’s my pleasure to share that Malaysia has retained the top spot in the MasterCard-Crescent

Rating Global Muslim Travel Index 2015 (GMTI) for the fifth consecutive year.

Below some insights that would explain such continuous ranking as a top Islamic (Halal) travel


1. Malaysia is a multiracial country with a population that currently stands at 28 million, of which approximately 60 percent are Muslims. Islam is constitutionally the country’s official religion, with the freedom to practice other religions.

2. Malaysia is the leader in the world’s halal industry.

3. In Malaysia, mosques can be found in almost every town and district in every state. Throughout the country, the azan or the call to prayer can be heard miles away from these mosques five times a day. Malaysian mosques are as much a tourist attraction as a place for Muslims to congregate in prayer as some possess significant historical value while some are simply stunning works of art.

4. Among the many Islamic tourist attractions that can be found in Malaysia are the intriguing

museums showcasing the different aspects of the religion.

Among those displayed are Islamic arts, Islamic heritage and the history of Islamic civilization.

A visit to these museums is an eye-opening experience – visitors are bound to leave with a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of Islam.

5. Religious events are widely celebrated and are joyous, much  anticipated occasions in Malaysia. This includes Islamic events and festivals, namely the holy month of Ramadan, Eid-ul Fitr and Eidul

Adha. The way Malaysians celebrate these events is what makes experiencing them here so special and pleasantly different, with the long-standing, uniquely-Malaysian tradition of open houses adding to the festive cheer.

What about the incentive benefits package you provide for your country tourists this year?

In 2015 Malaysia convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) tailored for the incentives market, the “Malaysia Like Never Before” campaign highlights the unique and unheard features of five key Malaysian destinations for event planners: Langkawi, Georgetown, Kuala Lumpur,

Mount Kinabalu, and Kuching.

Though already familiar to regulars of the business events circuit, the campaign has reimagined these destinations, guaranteeing a fresh experience to visitors. Each destination has  its own theme, such as ‘Party like never before in Langkawi’ and ‘Soar like never before at

Mount Kinabalu’. ‘Do’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Eat’ recommendations for the most unique and luxurious offerings are listed for each destination. Along with Malaysia Like Never Before, MyCEB introduced the

Malaysia Twin Deal X (MTDX) Programme, a continuation of its popular Malaysia Twin Deal ++ (MTD++) in 2014. Similar to its predecessor, MTDX comprises two deals, namely Deal 1 and Deal 2, which provides value added support for international corporate meeting and incentive groups and  incentive rewards for international corporate meeting and incentive planners respectively depending on group size.

What are your plans through participation in the Arabian Travel Mart (ATM) and 2015 in Dubai? Malaysia is one of the mainsponsors for ATM this year with2 days lanyard sponsorship.

TM would secure the sufficient environment for both GCC trade partners and Malaysian stakeholders to meet and network for better cooperation and agreements. Estimated 90 organizations will be attending ATM representing hotel, travel related, travel agent, State Representative. In addition, there is a plan to launch Malaysia packages with airlines during ATM. High level delegation will be also leading Malaysia’s participation in ATM and post tours to inform on 2015 My fEst activity and program. TM as used will also conduct a GALA dinner with presence of the amazing Malaysian culture troupe to

perform 1 hour show. The Gala dinner will showcase on Malaysia latest tourism products and


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