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Global Village : Folkloric shows and world cultures under one ceiling

Dubai – By : Ahmed Farouq 

** Through a single visit, you can watch arts of the worlds, starting with UAE Ayala, Yola, Al Arda, Dabka, Tanoura, through European Circulation and Russian performance show, “Belarus”, to African and American dances

** Via the most famous folkarts, each country expresses its human conscience, artistic heritage, and cultural and social legacy, like music, dancing, plastic arts, and diverse popular crafts, as well as the events of drawing, sculpture, coloring and decoration


In Dubai Global Village, you would encounter famous folk arts that express the artistic heritage of the populace, springing from their conscience and reflecting their social, cultural and artistic legacy.

Participants in the Global Village annually present, on their own pavilion theaters, heritage shows that reflect the culture, civilization and arts of each respective country. So, the pavilions compete in bringing artistic teams to present their daily shows through a variety of episodes that are repeated three times a day, according to the schedule of every pavilion.  On top of these shows is the famous “Circulation”, which is one of the most famous European circus shows, andtheRussian “Belarus.”


Emirati Pavilion: Overview of the ancestors’ time

The Emirates Pavilion offers Global Village visitors a peep into the time of the ancestors. It revives ancient markets with its intimate milieu, and its pristine products, like palm dates – the source of nourishment -, pure honey;original products made of palm leaves, such as Jafeer, Sarud, Mahaffa; and clay pots that constituted woman’s life in the past, askitchen utensils, like Kharas (earthen jar for preserving foodstuff). As for flint stone that was used in grinding wheat, it has a long story that is still narrated at the present time.

Saudi Pavilion

Makkah Clock features prominently in the Saudi Pavilion, at the Global Village, being currently one of the most famous Saudi landmarks, and it is placed at the front of the exterior design of the pavilion. The interior design of the pavilion bears the imprint of Islamic architecture. Besides, Saudi perfumes of which Oudh oil (agarwood) constitutes a primary ingredient with varying ratios, along with other types of musk, like Makkah musk – known as purification musk -, including royal and elite musk, and oil bearing the scent of fruits, such as strawberry and orange. It even includes a wide variety of scented lotion.


Egyptian Exhibits

Shops in the Egyptian Pavilion are marked for their unique style, as you find venders selling their products in a special manner and promoting it by calling upon clients to try out the goods.

Pavilions of Levantine Countries

Levantine Pavilions at the Global Village attractively win considerable presence through their peculiar display and blending of their different cultures, past and present. Each of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria has its own independent pavilion at the village.

Lebanese Pavilion

The Lebanese Pavilion displays a large variety of products through multiple stores inside it. Among the products that attract the admiration of Global Village visitors are “artistic cedar wood plaques”, which are made of cedar and adorned with famous Arab decorations.

Jordanian Pavilion

The Jordanian Pavilion offers its visitors a chance to acquire camel skinlamps, which are manually made of dried layers of camel skins, either in circular or in square shapes, and are then manually colored and adorned in a way that suits the varying home décors.

Palestinian Pavilion

When visiting the Palestinian Pavilion, you will have a chance to purchase a group of handmade wood sculptures, which is perfectly suitable ashome decorations or as gifts to family and friends.

Great fame

Syrian Pavilion

The Syrian Pavilion presents the Syrian Baklawa (sweets made of crunchy but velvety layers of buttery flakes and flavored nuts), which is the most famous ever in the Levant, along with household furniture, and shells of designs inspired by the famous Islamic and Andalusian arts.

Moroccan Pavilion

In the Moroccan Pavilion, the visitors find folkloric and artistic Moroccan manufactures, including foods, clothes, and a range of exhibits that vividly reflect ancient Moroccan heritage and arts. The exhibits in the pavilion vary between special décors, vases, handmade accessors, fashion, argan oils, and special Moroccan beauty mixtures.

African Pavilion

The Global Village is currently working on introducing many different activities into the visitors’ agenda to inform them about the civilizations, cultures and legacies of theDark Continent. The African Pavilion thus contains sections for each of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Madagascar,Namibia, South Africa, Nigeria, Comoros, Somalia, Mauritania and Sudan. So, inside the pavilion that abounds with handicrafts, you can purchase the most famous and beautifularticles of such countries, including ceramics, fabrics and wooden items.

Happy Moments

George Anne, from Senegal, notes that he has been working as a taxi driver in the UAE for three years, and that he took the opportunity on his day off to visit the Global Village and purchase some articles from the African Pavilion, being a lover of acquiring handicrafts and carpets.

Americas Pavilion

Americas Pavilion in the Global Village displays a large variety of wonder products that represent the continents of North and South America. The Pavilion’s front is marked for its unique design that is inspired by the Capitol in Washington.

Chinese Pavilion

The Chinese Pavilion is packed with Chinese people and products that range from clothes, through electrical appliances, toys, tools for household decorations, perfumes and cosmetics. It also contains a variety of old Chinese artifacts that embody spiritual notions and beliefs in ancient Chinese culture,all of which are marked for the predominance of red color. Besides, the “dragon head” is the “luck-bringer” for the Chinese, and that it why Chinese family are keen to acquire any artifacts in the shape of a dragonhead at home.


“I could not believe the dense turnout at the Chinese Pavilion, as I saw many families approaching to purchase toys for their children,” Geraldine, a Philippine girl, said. She also noted that she bought a toy for her nephew as a gift.

Rich Place

Amjad Al Umari, an employee in a UAE real estate company, maintains that he felt great comfort upon visiting the Jordanian Pavilion in the Dubai Global Village.

Entertainment shows

Ali Al Zaabi, who resides in Dubai, says that he noticed the presence of foreign visitors from around the world, and that he visited the Americas Pavilion, where he admired the front that is inspired by the American Capitol in Washington.

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