Sunday , December 17 2017

Etihad Airways, the world leading airline for the sixth year in a row

Etihad Airways has occupied a prominent place among international airlines in commercial aviation industry. Moreover, it has won a series of prestigious awards, which reflected its position as one of the world leading airlines for the sixth consecutive years starting 2009 up to 2014. Additionally, it became the fastest growing in the history of commercial aviation.

Eithad Airways has 102 strong fleet aircrafts flying up to 107 different destinations. In addition, it employs more than almost 20149 employees.

The world of “Eithad” symbolizes the spirit of the United Arab Emirates, derived from the union power and the march of progress and contemporary renaissance. Eithad airways were established In July 2003 by a royal “Amiri” decree. Furthermore, it commenced its commercial operation in November 2003 to be the national airlines of United Arab Emirates. Etihad airways offer with its partners a network of 420 destinations. Its equity partner’s network including about 30 percent in Air Berlin, as well as Berlin airways is considered the sixth largest airline in Europe.



Etihad Airways industry

Etihad airways core function is providing a comfort and luxurious travel experience to all travelers around the world. The airline offers innovative holiday’s packages to the most exciting place across the globe, through Etihad holiday facility. Concerning the most sophisticated technology of cargo flights in the world, the national airways operates Etihad cargo, Eithad airport services, Etihad Holidays and the global communication center to combining all the services together to be the most powerful commercial airways group.

Etihad airways products:

Etihad airways commits towards its guests distinctive air travel experience, whether air services or ground services. It has recently upgraded the pearl cabin, business class and tourist class on many of its planes. Thus, it has launched the first batch of aircraft model” A330-300s” during December 2009 that contains three Cabins including the first Golden class that was initiated in early 2011.


Etihad Airways Guest:

Etihad has launched its guest plan in August 2006. This plan includes about one million members. The programs improves the travel experience of the guest through acquiring and replacing the Etihad guests miles with free air flight and other generous prizes from it gift shop facility.


Environmental Sustainability:

Etihad airways are dedicated to develop its environmental policy in order to reduce from the impact of its own operations on the environment, according to the criteria of sustainable development standards. Hence, the group certain their partnership with” Masdar Company” of multi faceted scheme of the” future fuel”, to eagerness the improvement of the fuel efficiency for operations resulting from its commitment to the implementation of environmental initiatives, particularly with observation of the organization and recycling the waste resulting from their operations.

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