Sunday , December 17 2017

“Emirates Tourism” lights its second candle

With this issue, Emirates Tourism Magazine lights its second candle and celebrates the passing of its one-year journey, during which its mission was to build effective tourist media that actively promotes Emirati tourist products. This occurs in light of the unprecedented UAE cultural advancement that has made it a major destination for different types of contemporary and modern tourism.

On this occasion, we express deep gratitude and appreciation for all those who contributed in supporting the magazine in its first year, trusted its national mission, believed in its sincere media role, and betted on its success and excellence. A special mention goes to H.H. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture, and Knowledge Development, who honored the magazine with his comprehensive interview for the magazine that was published in the seventh issue. The interview granted us a considerable momentum of self-confidence and persistence on the right track.

Special thanks also go to Etihad Airways that was quick to approve the magazine distribution, making copies of as early as the fourth issue available on board in all its regional and international flights. This has allowed the magazine wider and broader prevalence monthly among tens of thousands of passengers, tourists and business persons.

Thanks are also extended to all officials, clients and readers who cordially welcomed the magazine since its first issuance and expected a bright future and effective and active role for it on the track of promoting Emirati tourist sector. Such expectation comes especially in light “tourism” and “aviation” sectors’ readiness to entrench their status within the post-oil economy system, and their contribution to the Emirati GDP at a rate estimated in some studies and reports at more than 35%. Such is a consequence of the successes and achievements of the UAE in tourism and aviation industry in recent years.

It remains to declare our “vow” that the Emirates Tourism Magazine would keep faithful to the mission behinds its issuance. Such a mission is embodied in positive promotion of the UAE tourist upswing and in highlighting the sincere national role of all public and private institutions and authorities in making the UAE a global tourist destination, and one of the bright tourist and cultural lighthouses of the East.


Shoeab AbdelFatah