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Dr. Essam Hagy: United Arab Emirates space program reserves the Arabs a place in the future, as well as it infuse hope among young scientists

** I am confident that the United Arab Emirates will be on a date with the history to achieve the dream of the Arabic world, as well as, life and the need for it since the space research is no longer a luxury.

**I keen since the announcement of the establishment of the Emirati space agency, and the plan to send the first Arabic probe to Mars, to follow up on the project, as a member of the exploration of the Red Planet research team, in a NASA satellite.

 ** This news has borne a hope that we as Arabs are not incapable of achieving this scientific dream that comes with a candle lit in the middle of darkness.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, has asked in 13th April 2015, the public and his highness social media followers, to recommend and select the Arabic name for the distinctive label of Mars probe.

His highness has published in his account on “Twitter ” a tweet in which he said “I ask today from all of whom received this letter to contribute select the name of Arabic distinctive Mars probe .. And put it on the tag attached,” He added that “Mars probe is Islamic Arabic Project that wants to involve Arab youth in it …We want to open the doors of hope and optimism for them and hugging their ambitions planets sky. ”

His Highness said that Mars trip is a great challenge, a source of inspiration to us all Arab nations that we can compete in the race of the World Cultural and cognitive.

In regards to the establishment of United Arab space Agency, and its nearly send a probe to Mars; Egyptian Arab world, said in a “NASA” Dr. Essam Haggy told “Emirates Tourism magazine” that the Emirates Declaration for the decision of creating a space agency and sending the first Arabic probe to Mars, is a big step into the future, where is the success of any country in the conquest of space confirmation of its position on the ground. Which was confirmed by the statement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, when he said: “The one who does not clinch their place in space today will not maintain its position on the ground tomorrow?” Al Haggy stressed, that the UAE project as the first Arab space flight to Mars, represents a historic step, re- Arabs to an earlier golden region and their time, where they were two races in astronomy and other sciences.

The Arabian space scientist has clarified, that the most important thing in the Emirati project is to determine the timeline for completion, which is a key factor for success. Moreover, Al Haggy declares, that launching the project will contribute in attracting generations of Arab scientists rather than brain drain Arabs and creators abroad where agencies global space, the lack of A similar Arab projects to accommodate them. He continued: “The UAE project represents an opportunity and hope to youth Arab scientists and researchers who have the ambition and dream to achieve scientific progress of the countries in the region, and fundamental step towards achieving this goal is the education, and the provision of space and resources, intellectual and financial generations that will implement this dream, and modifying curricula and study methods to provide specialists in space science.”

“Haggy” has replied to the skeptics in the economic feasibility of adopting space programs saying: (Many intellectuals and even scientists were questioning the feasibility of spending billions of dollars on projects and programs of space. However, the global experiments proved the feasibility of these projects, especially as contributing to explore the many scientific and technological innovations according to which, the various sectors that affect various aspects of human life on earth. NASA continued to giant projects, which benefited mankind, after it had been a lot of projects replace scarce and ridiculous in the beginning).

Dr. Essam Haggy has consider, the timing of the Emirati space project is very suitable , it is a benign attempt to get out of the frustration experienced by the region. Al Haggy described the decision to establish the Emirati space program as “bold step and historic, which will contribute to the transplant center of scientific interest to millions of Arab youth ambitious and hungry for the existence of these projects in the Arab world.


The Arabian scientist in NASA said, that the circumstances in which the established American International Agency, which works out, very similar to the conditions experienced by the Arab countries now, where the United States passed in the late fifties the most difficult political and economic stage, that set quite similar extent when going through a large number of Arab countries.

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