Sunday , December 17 2017

Dalma Park gathers families at oasis of beauty

Shuaib Abdul Fatah,



**Dalma Park occupies an important position on the map of charming sites and considered a favorite destination for groups and individuals of all ages

** One of the most beautiful parks frequented by visitors and amateur athletes

** Overlooking the Mangroves Corniche, featuring trees and water bodies

Each garden has its own appeal and style, which distinguishes it from other gardens. It is a place where to inhale fresh air and a recreational destination, which encompasses a unique perspective of life. Dalma Garden is located at the heart of UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, at Al Nahyan Camp. It is viewed as one of the most beautiful gardens that provide many services, and lure visitors with its pristine nature and breathtaking beauty. It is a real haven for those who prefer outdoor exercise, and for families that enjoy sitting between the arms of nature and symmetrical green plants and trees. With the availability of Children Games areas within it, Dalma Garden holds an important position on the map of charming places as a favorite destination for individuals of all ages and for families. There, too, the elders enjoy tranquility and comfort among family gatherings. Dalma Garden is an oasis of beauty for families in Abu Dhabi in particular. Moreover, it obtained the Green Flag award, which made foreign tourists frequent it due to its overlooking the Mangroves Corniche, which features mangrove trees and water bodies. 

Sports Services

Delma Park is located at the beginning of the Mangroves Corniche on Salam Street, Al Nahyan area (within Abu Dhabi Island) and its total area is 21,410 m2. The proportion of green space in it is 51%. It receives large numbers of visitors daily, exceeding the numbers of visitors of many other parks, due to its extraordinary elements of entertainment. Therefore, it is a favorite destination for many families, especially as it contains many sports equipment, allowing visitors to exercise freely. It attracts many visitors who seek to practice weight loss workouts and maintain their fitness. Visitors can use numerous fitness and muscle building equipment, like treadmills. It also contains playgrounds for team sports, such as basketball. These playgrounds are equipped with all necessary services, having sufficient capacity for all individuals and being acknowledged as standard playgrounds. It is noticeable that at sunset, the park witnesses a large influx of amateur athletes dressed in heavy sportswear that suits warm winter weather.

Families and Seats

Located at the heart of downtown Abu Dhabi, Dalma Garden attracts many families of different nationalities, especially that some of its inside constructions assume genuine traditional imprint, with wooden seats of convenient designs for visitors, encompassing parents and children in the same areas. Trees are arranged to offer shade for seats longitudinally and transversely, protecting visitors from the sun’s harmful rays in the morning, and imparts special elegance to the shaded area in the evening. Besides, the limited area of the park allows the parents to keep an eye on their children while practicing their favorite games.


Green Flag

Abu Dhabi City Municipality hoisted the Green Flag in three Abu Dhabi parks, including Dalma Park. Such achievement is the fruit of international environmental organizations’ recognition of the standards and criteria observed by Abu Dhabi Municipality in its different parks, gardens and entertainment zones. The Green Flag is an international award that aims at orienting and encouraging management operations of gardens, parks and greeneries according to standards related to delivery of high quality services to community individuals and compliance with green environment protection and management efforts. 


Nature Scenes

“The Park is marked for its numerous services, and for the comfort and delight, which children enjoy there,” Ali Al Mansouri, a visitor of Dalma Garden, at Al Nahyan Camp, said.

“It gets children out of the detrimental virtual world of electronic games, which limits their creativity. Frequenting gardens is a healthy practice, especially Dalma Garden, which encompasses all the services, and is thus regarded as one of the favorite destinations for families,” Al Mansouri believes.

He added that the garden’s nearness to his home makes it easier for his wife to take the kids out to green nature, where they can practice diverse sports in allocated playgrounds, helping them to spend their free time positively and develop their creativity.


Special treats

Sheikha Al Mutairi points out that her husband is amateur athlete, who is encouraged to frequent Dalma Garden, since it is located close to the house in Al Nahyan Camp, to practice sports, especially in the evening.

For the garden encompasses all elements that encourage exercise, Al Mutairi states that she enjoys sitting with her children in the garden while her husband exercises.

“Enjoying complete security there, she allows her children free movement in the park.

“Dalma Park is favorite place for families in the winter,” Al Mutairi said. She adds that she saw foreigners in the garden more than once, which – she believes – is a proof of the garden’s special advantages.