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Aviation sector in region hit world growth rate

Dubai international airport 1st worldwide in dealing with foreign passengers


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Growth rates up

The Middle East (ME) airports invest millions of dollars in providing modern technologies and in enhancing the passengers’ security systems. Those investments came in line with the Middle East exceeding world growth rate of air traffic.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the ME is expected to achieve increasing growth rates estimated at 237 million passengers annually by 2034, compared to 383 million passengers as total volume of the market.

Invest in smart technology

The UAEenjoys the highest growth rate for air traffic in the region. The country’s airports focus on investing in smart technologies and in dealing with swift growth and big numbers of passengers, along with promoting the security measures.

“Given the continuous growth and the increasing complications which the aviation sector is encountering, it is important to work on enhancing the transparency and integrity of the safety culture,” His Excellency Mohammed Abdulla Ahli, Director General of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), said.

1st Worldwide airport

Dubai International Airport, which is the first airport worldwide in dealing with the biggest number of international foreign passengers, seeks to become the most crowded airport as soon as possible.

After receiving 78 million passengers last year, its ranking has advanced to record the third place worldwide now compared to the 6thin 2014, according to the ranking of the International Airports Council for Passengers traffic in 2015.

Boost world airline industry

Over the importance of technology in boosting the international aviation industry, the security side in particular, Major General Mohair Obaid bin Sorour, Deputy Director of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of the Dubai Emirate said, “smart technological programs and systems are considered one of the most prominent solutions in enhancing the safety and security criteria in the world aviation industry.”

“We are using best related systems in Dubai airport,” he added.

International passengers on rise

The major general reiterated, “Number of the international passengershas increased swiftly and is expected to exceed seven billion passengers by 2030 according to the IATA,” noting that those speculations create more challenges for the decision makers and the airports’ officials.

“We have to ignore the traditional measures in finishing the airports travelling procedures and tend towards new advanced methods, that rely on smart solutions, to facilitate the flow of passengers without bargaining on the security criteria,” added he.

To cope with the record growth of the passengers’ number, which is predicted to reach 85 million by the end of current year, the major general explained “we are sticking to smart technologies in Dubai airport.”

“The old traditional methods that have been used at different passport windows in different airports are no longer possible currently, as millions of people travel via the airports around the clock,” major general Obaid added.

Smart travelling methods

In light of our new tendency towards using smart solutions and ideal techniques in prompting security procedures, given the time of dealing with arrivals and departures via passport windows, and in order to maintain security of the our borders as well as the UEA gains in this regard, major general Obaid illustrated “We have applied new methods of smart travelling in Dubai International Airport by finishing 125 electronic smart gates.”

According to Foster & Sullivan report, the annual world spending on Dubai airport security will increases to 12.67 billion dollars by 2023, compared to 8.22 billion dollars in 2014.

Challenges& hazards

As the airports, visited by millions of people, are subject particularly to challenges and hazardous, it always thrives to provide highest degrees of quality in its services, and to turn the travelers’ time in the airport to an adorable experience.

“There is a dire need to find solutions that could enhance security, provide highest degree of safety without hindering the passengers’ time,” added the major general.

The 16thversion of the Airports Exposition, to be held in Dubai from 9th-11th of May, will attract pioneering companies in the world, to display the latest solutions and safety and security products.

Unprecedented growth

Speaking about development, Daniyal Qureshi, Group Exhibition Director, Reed Exhibitions Middle East, said “the airline industry in the Middle East witness unprecedented growth, and brings in parallel special threats that should be tackled effectively.”

Smart technology plays an essential role in aiding the airports deal in advance with the developed hazards continuously, Qureshi said, noting that the Airports Exposition constitute perfect platform for showing the new technological solutions in airport different departments of security.”

The basic categories of the aviation security technologies, that will appear in the coming years, such as safety and monitoring systems, control tools and cameras, passengers and luggage inspecting systems, other systems of monitoring the airports surrounding areas, and digital monitoring systems, will be available in the Airports Exposition site.


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